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Technical Plastic Injection & Compression Moulders

Compression Moulding

Our compression moulding presses  range from 80 tonnes to 450 tonnes, including 'Transfer Ram' presses.

We are able to produce compression mouldings in a range of sizes from a few grams to over 10 Kilos in weight, and undertake in-mould inserting.

Compression moulded products are ideal as cost saving replacements for metal and die cast parts.

Materials along with their properties are selected to suit the application range from the simplest of wood flour filled phenolics, to advanced glass filled flame retardant and low smoke emission, 'Dough' and 'Sheet' moulding compounds.

Our advanced materials selection processes ensure that components are tailored to suit specific applications.

Thermoset mouldings give excellent rigidity and electrical resistance coupled with very close dimensional accuracy.  They are particularly suitable where flammability is of concern.

Products can be supplied in large or small batch runs and provided Ex-works or delivered through our logistics partners.

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