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Technical Plastic Injection & Compression Moulders

Injection Moulding

With an injection press range from 25 tonnes to 1100 tonnes, ICM are able to produce injection mouldings in a range of sizes from a few grammes, to over 4.5 Kilos in weight from single or multiple cavity tools.

In-mould insert moulding and over-moulding are also offered.

 Materials, whether thermoset or thermoplastic, are selected to suit the application ranging from the simplest of commodity materials such as Polypropylene or Polythene, to specialised and advanced engineering thermoplastics such as PBT and PPO. Our materials selection processes ensure that components are tailored to specific applications.

Products can be supplied in large or small batch runs and provided Ex-works or delivered through our logistics partners

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    Engel Press
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    Cooler Plate
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    Injection hall 2

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