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Compression Mouldings

Merriott Group provides a specialist compression moulding service to clients in the UK, and across the world. Our specialist team is able to produce composite moulded components in a range of sizes from a few grams up over 10 kilos in weight.

Side ram and transfer ram presses allow us to design and make everything from small insulators for the electronic industry through to one-piece railway carriage seats for trains and many more applications. Parts made in compression materials do not warp, shrink, expand, and offer higher fire resistance and strengh.

Reduce Costs

Composite moulding can be used to reduce costs of metal and die cast parts, with mouldings that can include threaded inserts either moulded-in, or post mould inserted, coloured materials limited by material type, and to repeatable tolerances . During the design process, we offer a specialist material selection process to ensure the material properties suit the application in question. Options range from wood flour/glass/mineral or combination of-filled phenolics through to advance glass-filled flame retardant polyesters, as well as standard BMC/DMC, SMC, and melamine materials. Alongside this, our range of presses ensures we are always equipped to meet the needs of our clients with presses ranging in clamp tonnage from 20 to 450t, plus side ram and transfer presses.

Compression Advantages

The advantage of compression moulding is the ability to produce large structural, mechanical and insulating parts without restrictions on wall section differences. Mould tools are manufactured in steel, that is then either hardened or chrome plated for good tool life and wearing properties.

Our UK-based manufacturing process allows us to minimise costs and produce quality parts for businesses for many different applications, supported by a local team who can react and delivery quickly.

Premier Moulding Company

Merriott Group is a premier injection moulding and compression composite moulding company. If you are interested in the services we provide or would like further information, get in contact with the team here today.

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Recent Compression
Moulding Projects

We provide Compression Moulding solutions across the world, below are a few images from some of our recent projects.