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Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibiton

Merriott Group will be exhibiting at this must-attend event for anyone involved in design, engineering production and procurement – the place to see all the latest in production hardware, components, consumables and technology serving a wide range of industries including Aerospace/Defence, Automotive, Electronics Assembly/ Production, Industrial Machinery, Packaging/Handling/Logistics, Energy, Marine, Medical/PharmaBio, Mechanical Engineering and Metal Processing.

We will be on stand number P270, so please make your way over, say hello to the team and let us show you how we can help with all your 2024 and beyond moulding projects.

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Leading The Field In Plastic Component Production for 80 Yrs.

The Merriott Group is a leading trade moulding company, with factories in the South West (Somerset), and in the South East (Kent) of the UK, producing technical and demanding mouldings in thermoplastic and thermoset materials, by injection and compression processes.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience of these processes, materials and tooling, enable us to support our customers by bringing their designs, be they simple or complex, to life and production readiness. In addition, we provide several post moulding finishing operations to further enhance to complete the mouldings to the customers final specifications.

Injecton Solutions

Injection Mouldings

Merriott Group offers specialist thermoplastic injection moulding services to our commercial clients. This form of manufacturing allows us to produce plastic parts to your exact specifications again and again.

Thermoplastics are polymers that can be heated in order to soften or melt them. They are then injected into a mould when molten and allowed to cool before becoming solid once again. This process allows companies to produce large quantities of components or articles needed for specific requirements.

Compression Solutions

Compression Moulding

Merriott Group provides a specialist compression moulding service to clients from the UK, and across the world. Our specialist team is able to produce composite moulded components in a range of sizes from a few grams up to 10 kilos in weight.

Side ram and transfer ram presses allow us to design and make everything from small insulators for the electronic industry through to one-piece railway carriage seats for trains and many more applications. Parts made in compression materials do not warp, shrink, expand, and offer higher fire resistance.

Merriott Group

Our Facility

With facilities in both Somerset and Kent we have the equipment and experience to built whatever you need to the highest standards ontime everytime.

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We specialise in intelligent & effective Search and believes in the power of partnerships to grow business.

Our Work

We provide products for a wide range of use cases and sectors, below are just a few examples of recent injecton and compression projects.

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About Us & Our History

We welcome you to explore our website and consider us to provide you with a first-class customer service and quality products produced in the UK.

We pay attention to what you the customer requires and aim to exceed those expectations, be it in our communication, order turn-around, quality, flexibility, and the good nature of personnel relationships.

  • Across the Merriott Group...

    we have a wide arrange of experience and knowledge in the personnel, with a background of producing moulded products of over 150 years. Being able to produce products in both Thermoplastics and Thermoset, sets us apart from the crowd of competitors, as several customers require parts from both disciplines, and enables us to bring options to our customers design desks.

  • ICM started life...

    producing fabricated components for various military applications, before entering moulding operations, and over the early years was a major supplier of leading military moulded products, that enabled it to build the purpose facility in Rochester. It gained a reputation of being able to produce technically demanding items for such applications and has been able to transfer that experience to many other applications and customers.

  • The association of the name Merriott...

    comes from the local village where the original company Merriott Mouldings was based from 1938 to February 1999. Merriott Plastics was formed on the purchase of the Thermoset compression facility. Since then Merriott Plastics has continued to grow, in both Thermoset and Thermoplastic aspects. Late in 2010, Merriott Plastics transferred all of the moulding presses and other equipment to the present facility in Crewkerne, 2.6 miles from the original facility in Merriott.

  • Operating under the banner of Merriott Plastics Group...

    has enabled the business to grow further with acquisitions that has brought additional customers, their products, along with some additional moulding machines. The next step is to work towards a common name and move forward to Merriott Group.

  • Our customer base...

    is wide and of many different end user applications, ranging from smoke detectors, water, waste and air management, electrical switchgear and terminations, rail seats to rail electrification, personnel protection in wild animal environments, cheese boards behind almost every delicatessen, street and establishment lighting, high end automotive interior and underbonnet products, and large engine components plus many many more. Mouldings produced at our facilities are supplied to the UK, Europe, USA, along with other countries around the globe.

Merriott Plastics Kent and Somerset offices